Jake Johnson, Don't Touch My Dart

It's a dynamic similar to Road Runner and Coyote; the endless annoyances, the need to capture the others attention, the stunts to get closer to one another. It's like dangling a piece of meat in front of a dog without even letting him get so much as a sniff. It's torture, and it's the measures you take to protect your Dodge Dart.

And in this Looney Tunes saga, we find actors Craig Robinson and Jake Johnson fighting over the Dodge Dart. The battle lines are drawn, tricks are being pulled out of the sleeves and Craig Robinson is doing everything in his power to protect his Dodge Dart from Jake Johnson's greasy finger prints.

It's a 24 commercials series, 24 series of endless laughs, showcasing all the ways that we can protect the Dodge Dart. And for those in the Bristow region who aren't driving a car that you want fingerprint free, you can test drive the 2014 Dodge Dart at Crown Auto World Bristow. Begin thinking of all the different ways you can protect your Dart for the neighbors today.

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