Enjoy the Sight of Self-Parking Jeep Cherokee SUVs

There's something oddly mesmerizing about synchronized swimming, or in this case, synchronized parking. While it'd be one thing to coordinate a bunch of professional drivers to perform this video's impressive stunt, you'll soon see that no hands are needed to put the new 2014 Jeep Cherokee into the perfect parking spot. Press play on the video below, then make your way over to our Bristow, OK dealership to try it out for yourself.

While we feel like there's usually no kind of innovative technology to replace a good driver's judgment and sense of direction, this is at least one case where the system comes into play to help you out with parallel parking, which is often a tricky endeavor for even the best drivers.

You'll love your new Jeep Cherokee, so come on over to Crown Auto World Bristow today for a test drive.

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