Crown AutoWorld Helps Welcome the Green and Technologically Advanced Future with Chrysler

There once was a time when the auto industry fought one another.  Other brands were seen as a threat, as something that could take away customers with an additional flashy commercial, an innovative feature or celebrity spokesperson. But these days the competition has become less cut-throat.  Instead companies are coming together for the greater good.

The greater good is relative to efficiency and electric power.  And the latest technology that some eight companies are banding together to create is the standardized smart-grid integration system. The technology would provide companies with the power to know when customers are charging. This in turn would help manage demand and avoid overload during peak usage times.

Companies aren't the only ones benefiting from this technology. EV drivers will save money by enabling the utility to schedule charging for times during the day when demand for electricity is relatively low.

At Crown Autoworld Bristow, we recognize Chrysler for being involved in such innovative technology and look forward to what such technology means for Chrysler and the Bristow region.  While we anxiously wait for this powerful and more efficient future, the 2014 Chrysler 300 is here to hold you over . Ride into the efficient and innovative future with Chrysler.

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