2014 Marks 100 Years for Dodge

Dodge gets to celebrate a very rare event this year as the 2014 model year marks the 100th anniversary of producing cars for the automaker, and they certainly intend to celebrate with special edition models and sales. But beyond that, the automaker wants to brainstorm other ideas to celebrate, and in a new ad, that is exactly what we see. The ad promotes the truly amazing 2014 Dodge new model lineup avaialbel here at Crown Auto World in Bristow, OK , and also stars the guys from the Gas Monkey Garage TV show, all brainstorming the best possible ways to celebrate the anniversary. Let's have a look at this funny ad.


And as always, for a test drive of your own on any 2014 Dodge model here in the Bristow, OK area visit us here at Crown Auto World.

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