Meet the Crown Family!

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  • Bradley Cooper
    Service Manager

    Bradley "Tiny" Cooper has presided over our acclaimed service department for over 10 years!

    He can get you in and out of your oil change faster than you can say "torque converter clutch solenoid circuit!"

  • Tony Greenwood
    Sales Manager

    Tony G. will make you the best deal in town! 

    (Disclaimer: Just don't let him tell you a hunting or fishing story.) We make no guarantee on the accuracy of his tall tales, but he does know his trucks!

  • Tyler Hickman
    Finance Manager

    As good as they come, and ready to assure your safety and satisfaction in your new vehicle!

    As an Oklahoma State alumnus, he loves America's Brightest Orange, but will still help you finance the Crimson and Cream truck of your dreams!

  • Amy Fulks
    Finance Assistant
    (918) 367-3423

    As our Finance Assistant, Amy Fulks keeps Tyler running in ship-shape!

    In her off-hours, Amy has never met a book she didn't like!

  • Kelly Daniels
    (918) 367-3423

    When the coffee's ready first thing in the morning, you have no one to thank but Ms. Kelly!

    Kelly's infectious laughter always keeps the sales floor vibrant and fun!

  • Larry "L.C." Coleman
    (918) 367-3423

    A salesman at Crown for over four years, Larry is most proud of all the friends he has made over the years working in the car business!

    Don't let the Texas Tech hat fool you; he's still Sooner Proud!

  • Ryan Smoot
    (918) 367-3423

    He may call in the hogs every morning, but Ryan is a Pokes fan through and through!

    Ryan looks forward to making your acquaintance as he helps you in your buying experience!

  • Tony Crouch
    Service Advisor

    Tony may not be your Prince Charming, but he'll "Swoop" you off your feet with his excellent customer service and knowledge!

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